5 Essentials to Include for an Amazing Public Park

The perfect public park or playground is possible if you consider a few essentials. During the design stage of your space, it’s important to pay careful attention to all of the features. If you are smart about what to include, you could create an amazing public space for all to enjoy. Here are some tips to think about when creating a great recreational space.

1. A Community Space

The first thing to consider in your recreational design is how it will benefit the community. Research the current population’s needs and population to get an idea about some features that could be a good selling point for your public park. Give community members the option to offer feedback, so everybody gets what they need.

2. A Universal Design

Next, it’s important to look at your space’s universal appeal. This means that there are a variety of activities that are able to be enjoyed by a diverse group of people. Consider catering to different age groups and different ability levels with the features of your facility. You may want to include different types of equipment, seating and other additions that could be pleasant for all.

3. A Multitude of Experiences

Another consideration for a successful public park is to offer various activities to suit the community’s needs. You may need to provide ball fields for different sports, play areas for children, paths and trails, water features and other scenic areas. The existing natural setting can be a good place to start with the design of activities.

 4. A Name for Itself

It’s also important to find a way to differentiate your spot so that it can make a name for itself. In many communities, there are several different recreational areas, so it’s vital to have something a little different in each spot for all of the various needs of each resident. The geographical location, features and other aspects of the area may help bring this spot into the limelight.

 5. A Variety of Settings

Finally, a great public park offers visitors many different settings for recreation and other needs. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have buildings designated for restrooms or other indoor activities. You may also want to include open structures like picnic shelters to give families and friends a place to gather. Picnic areas can be served better with charcoal grills nearby as well as places to throw away trash.

Building a great recreation space is possible if you follow the recommended essentials that help bring everything together.

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