Declining Outdoor Time Has Negative Impact on Young Kids

Everyone wants what is best for their children. Therefore, it is strange that some schools across the country are either doing away completely with recess or drastically reducing it. While learning in a classroom is important, it is equally as important that young kids get an opportunity to play. The reason is that playing allows children to develop socially and learn how to better interact with other individuals.


Learning How to Work Together and Share

Playtime is about more than just children tossing a ball around. They are learning how to interact with one another and get along. Children learn how to share the basketball court or share the swing set. They learn to be patient and compromise, and those skills can be applied to every other area of life later on. When kids are prevented from playing, they do not develop those skills as early. Therefore, when it comes time to share in the classroom, they do not yet know how to cope with not getting what they want right away. This lack of social issues leads to kids becoming frustrated more easily, which leads to problems in the classroom.


Sensory and Hands-On Learning

Around seven years of age, kids start having the need to have a wide range of experiences on a daily basis. This is a crucial period of time for kids mentally but also physically. Kids need exercise to keep their minds sharp and stay in good physical health. In fact, it has been shown that children who do not get enough play time and exercise are more likely to have poor social interaction skills, have difficulty controlling emotions and be clumsier.


Giving kids are more comprehensive childhood is dependent on letting them play and be children. Your school, community or church should install a fun playground and give kids enough time to use it. The American Park and Recreation Company has a wide array of playground equipment, and you can contact us at (813) 917-1409 to learn more.


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