Designing a Dog Park That Gets Tails Wagging

Starting Your Dog Park Project

When you’re trying to create the ideal dog park design, there are many different ways to make the space perfect for both canines and their humans. Some things to think about before planning your dog park are accessibility, security, cleanliness, durability and enjoyment. Creating a layout that addresses these areas can make all the neighborhood dogs and people have an even greater time enjoying the fun.

Close-up of a young man with his dog

Elements of a Great Dog Park

When you first sit down to think about what your dog park design should consist of, there are several recommended products that can enhance the experience for pets and their parents alike. Here are some considerations:

Surfacing solutions: Dog park surfacing is traditionally grass, however a range of interesting options exist. Consider creating a bacteria-resistant area with durable surfacing such as wood mulch or synthetic grass.

Shade options: Make a space that has plenty of shady spots for dogs to find relief during the hot months. A few dog houses or shady tunnels will come in handy for pups to take a quick rest. Pet parents can relax in comfort underneath heavy-duty rectangular or square canopies.

Pet waste cleanup: Provide plenty of spots where individuals can get access to a pet waste bag dispenser. Position plenty of trash cans around the dog park in order to promote quicker cleanup.

Dog play structures: Offer dogs their own play structures that give them new challenges and more space for activities. Create an entire obstacle course for high energy dogs using several pieces of equipment that allow dogs to climb safely.

Water stations: Keep a constant supply of fresh, clean water for dogs to stay hydrated. A water station is a great way to keep canines cool for longer play.

Gates and security: Make sure the park is secure with gated access and strong fencing all around. Pet parents should feel comfortable allowing their dogs off leash.

A Design that Lasts

Most of all, a great park for dogs is one that is durable and can withstand the demands of thousands of paws. Ensure that your design is suitable for both large and small dogs by carefully researching all features you incorporate. Pay special attention to the community’s needs and climate to customize the perfect space for dogs to play.

Portrait of two happy dogs in the park

Finding Your Products

If you’re ready to start creating a dog park design that can cater to all four-legged friends, call APARK at (813) 917-1409 for reliable products and park layout ideas.

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