Make Playground Design a Success by Following These Principles

When you’re starting from scratch with a new playground design, you want to keep in mind some recommended principles to create an interactive and appropriate experience for children. Today’s play spaces need to cater to a wide variety of children with diverse needs. They can also take advantage of the newest materials, methods and research that helps make play even more beneficial to kids and communities.

Create the Ultimate Play Experience
The first goal of effective playground design is to create an ultimate play experience. Here are three factors that will help achieve this:

  • Physical Demands – The first step in making an enjoyable play area is to keep in mind the ages of the children versus the physical demands of the playground. Structures should offer varied activities, such as climbing, stepping, swinging, sliding and exploration. There should also be ways for children of varying ability levels to access play equipment. On a practical note, it’s best to choose equipment that can perform more than one play task.
  • Social Demands – A great playground encourages social development and interaction. Place equipment for a wide variety of ages throughout the play space. Mix together the play structures with other spots, like benches for seating, to keep families spending quality time together as well as meeting new friends.
  • Developmental Demands – Lastly, an effective play space gives children an opportunity to expand their personal development. There should be plenty of spots for creative play possibilities and multi-sensory experiences for children. Climbing bars and sand boxes are just a few examples of ways to provide for physical and mental development.

Overcome the Challenges
When looking at possible park and play structure blueprints, it’s also important to consider the roadblocks you may encounter. The most important concern is the safety of the children. Safety should be a priority, but children should still be given opportunities to feel challenged at the space. It’s also vital to think beyond the typical space and consider choosing a structure that is unique for the community. This can help the children get a little variety in their experience when visiting different play spots in the area- and it will also make your space memorable and appealing!

Learn More About Your Options
Talk to our experts about creating a successful playground for your community. You can create a space that encourages fun and helps your community come together if you find the right supplier. Find out more about some of the top play space offerings by calling American Park and Recreation at (813) 917-1409.                                         

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