Playground Safety Doesn’t Have to Spoil the Fun

Adults see the green grass, trees and sun. Kids see only the park’s playground. Ripe with excitement, the many challenges appeal to them. Parents consider playground safety an important feature of any play area. But, look a little deeper and you will also see the vital lessons and independence that are part of the experience.

Playground safety doesn't mean kids can't take small risks and enhance the play and learn experience.

Teaching Tools

Challenges and accomplishments? Although they don’t know it, children are usually accepting of challenges- walking the suspension bridge, climbing the ropes or stairs, riding fast down a slippery slide.

Their challenges may look like plain old fun, but they are also teaching tools. Playing too rough, hanging from equipment and sliding down backwards are small risks that children take every day on the playground. If something doesn’t go quite right, they learn to take it easy next time. In this way, playgrounds serve as important teaching tools, as long as safety is ultimately insured by parents and playground design.


Learning New Skills

Playgrounds offer plenty of opportunities for children to problem solve. This can be seen in the way they weigh risks and rewards before trying something new. They also learn that determination and persistence can get them to their goals. Children will remember the first time they got through the monkey bars or figured out how to swing on their own, and you will too. The playground also gives children the chance to develop social skills, boost self-confidence and exercise creativity.


Playground safety is enhanced with the right surfacing, such as sand.

You Can Have Both

Of course, no parent wants their child to get hurt, but does that mean you have to choose between playground safety and having fun?

American Park and Recreation Company doesn’t think so. We believe it is possible to have a safe playground that allows children the room the room to learn, grow and discover their own abilities. Updated equipment, proper surfacing and shade structures are a few of the features that keep playgrounds safe.

Call APARK at (813) 917-1409 to discuss how we can help you build a fun and safe playground for the children in your community.

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