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Seedling, with roof – FREE SHIPPING

This two deck structure comes with a Clock Panel, Shapes and Objects Panel, Window Panel, Gear Panel, Bongo Drums, Rain Wheel, 1-2-3 Step and a slide. This equipment is commercially compliant to CPSC and ASTM standards and IPEMA certified.
There are plenty of activities for the youngest 6-month old to the busiest 23-month old. The Window Panel allows children to peek at their friends below while the Rain Wheel and Gear Panel offer learning opportunities about cause and effect as they realize the noise they can make with a simple spin.
The Seedling is a perfect complement to our standard Discovery Center systems and can be purchased with or without a roof.
Helping meet best practices and licensing requirements in early childhood standards:
· Bringing Learning Outdoors
· Gross Motor Development
· Fine Motor Development
· Music & Movement
· Shapes Recognition
· Multisensory Experiences
Anchoring using a mounting kit is required for structure to be compliant with commercial playground structures. Choose 8″ Ground Spike or 2″ Anchor Bolt mounting option (included). Or add an optional inground mounting package.
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