Some of Today’s Biggest Playground Trends

Parks and playgrounds are more important today than ever. With screen time at an all-time high, outdoor play spaces are often the only opportunity that families take to get much needed outdoor time. A community playground is a great addition that attracts and keeps residents. Modern day playgrounds are becoming more interactive than ever. Read on for some of the most exciting modern park and playground trends.

Family Playing Soccer In Park Together

Walk the Walk

More and more public green spaces are incorporating biking and walking trails. Walking can be as beneficial to the health of our brains and bodies as any exercise. When done outdoors, the benefits only increase. Cities around the country are looking for ways to be more pedestrian friendly.


Play for All Ages

It’s not unusual to find baseball and soccer fields at larger parks. However, more and more are starting to make room for activities for adults and children alike. Whether its ultimate Frisbee, disc golf or yoga class, green space is being used by adults around the country to help ease minds and get in that daily dose of exercise.


Enhancing the Experience

Being in nature is a special experience. But, you can’t always make it out to the closest river or hiking trail. Public parks are typically considered wide open spaces of greenery and play equipment. However, more and more and starting to incorporate deliberate experiences within their grounds. Vegetable gardens and climbing walls are a few examples of this. By adding variety, visitors get even closer to the outdoors.


Play & Learn

Playgrounds are no longer just a set of swings and a slide. Today, we know more than ever about the way children develop cognitively. Physical and mental challenges on the playground are good for children, but also keep the entire family engaged and having a good time. From interesting play structures to spring riders to funnel ball and triple toss equipment, the possibilities for playing and learning are endless! Keep your younger visitors safe on equipment with the right surfacing, such as recycled or pour-in-place rubber.


Make your park or playground the best in town. It’s easy with a variety of equipment and an interesting layout. American Park and Recreation has specialized in supplying park and playground equipment since 1995. Give us a call at 813-438-7707 to discuss how we can assist at your property.

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