Universal Playground Design – Access for All Children

Universal play brings together children of all abilities. Designing a universal playground that appeals to all children is much easier due to the availability of more accessible play equipment. Many of today’s products follow more stringent safety standards and feature accommodating layouts, so every child feels included. If you’re looking to create a more inclusive play space, you should start with the concepts from universal design.

Standards to Consider 

The standards of universal playground design can help you create the ultimate play zone that can be enjoyed by a diverse community of people, all while conforming to safety standards. Here are the principles of this ideology:

–Equitable – In order to give all children equal access to the play area, consider adding ramps to get onto the structure. Widen the spaces everywhere to give those in wheelchairs a viable path.

–Flexible – Create a space where individuals of various heights can feel comfortable, with different seating choices to accommodate everyone, from young to old.

–Intuitive – Keep things simple with visual signs. Activities around the playground should be understood no matter language proficiency.

–Perceptive – Use sensory play within the structure to give children a unique experience. Take advantage of kids’ curiosity with activities related to sound, sight or touch.

–Safe – Incorporate different levels of controlled risk. This maximizes enjoyment and minimizes hazards. Kids can graduate to larger risks as they feel more comfortable, instead of seeking out their own.

–Effortless – Reduce the amount of physical effort for some parts of the playground to give kids a way to play even longer.

–Approachable – Create a layout design that utilizes the play and rest space together with purposeful placement of shady spots throughout the park.

Enhance the Play Experience

When you include more options, you provide more experiences for children of all ages, cultures and abilities. This type of play area also invites older generations to join in on the fun. Parents and siblings who may have sat on the sidelines can now be part of the action. Children additionally get more choices for play and increased safety with this type of planning.

Find Out How to Get Started on Your Universal Playground

An accessible, inclusive space for play can bring together a unique and diverse group of people. Aid in fostering new friendships and help people with developing new understandings of everyone’s differenceswith these universal principles. Find products to make your space more accessible by calling APARK at (813) 917-1409.     

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